Wisteria: A Colorful Cascading Vine

If you are looking for a fast growing vine with beautiful cascading blossom clusters and a wonderful fragrance, consider one of the Asian or American species of the Wisteria genus. This fast growing twining vine blooms in the spring time, and should be pruned twice a year to control the potentially invasive growth. The vine growth is extremely fast, yet the production of blossoms may take a few years to develop with new plantings (up to 10 years for plantings from seed). Even without flowers in bloom, Wisteria develops attractive heavy, gnarled and woody vine growth which must be supported by a sturdy trellis or pergola. Trellis Works single plane and 3-D wire trellises are definitely up to the task to support this vigorously expansive vine, and our wire column trellis is ideal for providing a growth pathway up posts supporting an arbor.

Trellis Works wire metal trellises

Wisteria are hearty plants which grow well in USDA zones 4-9, and enjoy locations providing full sun in order to produce its blossoms. Plant new growth in spring or fall in fertile well drained soil, and choose a location which provides room to grow without overwhelming nearby plants. Multiple Wisteria plantings should be spaced 10-15 feet apart. They will grow well in most soil and are relatively drought tolerant, but adding some phosphate to the soil in the fall will help promote abundant flowering in the spring.

Training the vine growth is important to maintain the growth area you are allowing for this plant, as left alone it will find its way into adjacent windows, doorways, rain gutters, etc. Regular pruning should be scheduled for summer after the spring blooming season and again in the winter with the heavy main vines pruned as need to stunt the growth. If you fail to prune a Wisteria it will quickly grow and take over anything in its path. Intermittent light pruning of new shoots should also be done during the growing season to encourage more blooms. If you are not up to the task of pruning on a regular basis, Wisteria is not for you as they can expand up to 10 feet a year. But if you pay attention and control the growth, you will be rewarded with beautiful foliage and fragrant cascades of blue, purple, or white flowers.

Trellis Works Wisteria

Wisteria grow wonderfully on any of our trellises, both single plane and 3D styles. Choose the Trellis Works trellis to help achieve your landscape design to enjoy for years to come. Get growing!

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